Our offer consists of five apartments - one apartment registred to accomodate four people (apartment 1), 
and four  apartments registred for two people (apartment 2,3,4,5). You can find detailed descriptions of the 
apartments on these Web pages.

     We are situated in a beautiful Mediterranean place Pirovac , and we are proud to be in the vicinity of 
 Kornati and  Krka National parks and Vransko Lake Nature park. At Lolic and Starine beaches you can enjoy 
Sun and sea, as well as volleyball, jet-ski, riding,...
     You can go for bike rides around Vransko Lake. All the bike routes are also suitable for walks - they lead 
to several magnificent belvederes. 
     Of course, we have to mention several restaurants and bars in Pirovac, in which you can spend some 
pleasant moments. "Pirovac summer" is a manifestation that encompasses sport competitions, culture events 
(concerts, swimming maraton, soccer tournament, fishermen night, etc.)